What Can't I Sell?

ADT Marketplace is a sustainable digital store for artists to make money from their works. ADT will endeavour to help you sell anything you pitch to us, so long as it meets our community standards and safety guidelines. We also abide by restrictions set by Gumroad, our sales platform.

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We abide by three big standards: is it 
safe, is it legal, and is it yours?

Is it Safe? 

ADT Marketplace refuses any product or artist that encourages or promotes discrimination. There will be no:

  • Threats (implicit or overt) to any individual person, group, culture, identification, or background;
  • Materials inciting hate or violence;
  • Content that reveals private information about an individual without their expressed authorization.

Is it Legal?

Does it go against any of the items we are prohibited from selling? The complete list is at the bottom of this page.

Is it Yours?

ADT Marketplace will only promote original content that you have the rights to sell.

The 'NO NO' list.

Here is the full list of stuff you can't sell on ADT Marketplace. The items are on this list because they violate U.S and Australia Federal laws, they are prohibited by card network rules, or they are restricted by our payment processing partners. If you are unsure if your content would be prohibited, please contact us with a description or example.

Here it is... Yep, there are some real doozys on the list, but legally we have to put it here.

  1. Unlicensed proprietary content (only sell or rent stuff you have 100% ownership or licensing for)
  2. Food products and ingredients (including consumer packaged goods, livestock, plants, and seeds)
  3. Airlines (yep, thats right, you can't sell your airliner company on here)
  4. Bail bonds (if you are a bounty hunter, this marketplace aint for you)
  5. Bankruptcy lawyers
  6. Bidding fee or penny auctions
  7. Age or legally restricted products or services
  8. Sexually-oriented or pornographic content (including adult magazines or video, adult telephone conversations or audio, membership to adult websites or content, companion or escort services, dating services, mail-order brides, massage parlors and prostitution)
  9. Cell phones/pagers
  10. Centralized reservation services
  11. Collection agencies
  12. Chain letters
  13. Cheque cashing
  14. Counterfeit goods/replicas
  15. Currency exchange (including physical, digital or cryptographic currency exchange; Etoro is the place for that)
  16. Consulting firms
  17. Services (including, but not limited to, "get rich quick" schemes, business opportunities, investment opportunities, mortgage consulting, real estate purchases, mortgage reduction services and credit repair and protection)
  18. Billing services (including, but not limited to, accepting payment for services rendered and billing for services to be performed in the future)
  19. Credit card and identity theft protection
  20. Cruise lines (yep... that also includes selling your boat fleet)
  21. Flea markets
  22. Drug paraphernalia
  23. Essay mills/paper mills
  24. Extended warranties
  25. Fortune tellers and services
  26. Gambling (including legal gambling where the cardholder is not present when the bet is made, lotteries, illegal gambling, internet gambling, sports forecasting and odds making)
  27. Illegal products or services
  28. Marijuana dispensaries and related businesses
  29. Money transmission
  30. Money service businesses
  31. Multi-level marketing or pyramid schemes
  32. Wire transfers or money orders
  33. Pharmacies or internet pharmacies
  34. Pseudo pharmaceuticals (including anti-aging pills, sexual stimulants, weight loss pills, diet pills)
  35. Quasi-cash or stores of value
  36. Security brokerage
  37. Door-to-door sales
  38. Offering substantial rebates or special incentives that are awarded to the cardholder subsequent to the original purchase
  39. Negative response marketing techniques
  40. Deceptive marketing practices
  41. Shipping/forwarding brokers
  42. Substances designed to mimic illegal drugs
  43. Telemarketing
  44. Timeshares
  45. Tobacco products
  46. Weapons or ammunition
  47. Jewellery or beauty products (this is something we are working to rectify, but as we stand, we can't allow the sale of this)

This list is maintained by our sales platform Gumroad. They make every effort to keep this list as current as possible. However, because of the unpredictable nature of card network rules, legislation and payment processor relationships, this list may change abruptly and without notice. Changes to this list take effect immediately. 

If you want to reach out and ask a question, Contact Us