We get your work seen!

ADT Marketplace is a curated digital platform that helps indie artists sell their products. Whether you're a filmmaker with a new feature, a musician with an EP, a theatre maker with cool merch, or somewhere in between, ADT Marketplace will help you build new relationships with audiences and buyers around the world. Keep on reading if you are interested in selling with us!

an artist selling with us on our platform

What we do.

ADT provides free product listings in its digital marketplace, at no upfront cost to artists. We work with you as partners to market and promote your work via our online platforms:


We provide you with a dedicated product page on the ADT Marketplace website.

a web listing of what it looks like selling with us


We post new and exciting content to all of our accounts, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. We routinely recommend content on these pages and rotate through them on a weekly basis so that all clients are seen.

social media and how we help when selling with us

Search Engines & SEO

We use Google algorithms generated from our business rankings to optimize our ADT Marketplace and your products’ appearance in search results. We also personally add SEO keywords to your product to make it easier to find.

Existing Client Base

We promote ADT Marketplace as a whole to our existing client base, as well as mentions in a monthly e-newsletter.

Once your product sells, we charge a small fee (Check our Financials page here)  to cover our costs, and reinvest a portion of that back into the ADT Marketplace to help fund future initiatives like the Hustle Highway. We don’t make money until you do.

Got anymore questions? Check out our FAQs section to see more detailed information, or drop us an email.

What Can I Sell?

That's the thing, you can sell almost any digital content! We cater to the whole range of indie artists around the world. Are you:

  • A film maker wanting to release your feature or short films?
  • A theatre maker or band with some cool merchandise like band T-shirts?
  • A model or photographer that wants to start selling digital or hard copy prints of your
    amazing work?
  • An indie musician with an EP or album and wants to get it out there?
  • A performer or theatre company with a recorded stream of shows?
  • A writer?
  • A tutorial maker?
  • A fashion designer with a small clothing line?
  • A graphic designer with some cool ideas?
  • An indie gaming or software company wanting to see your program flourish?

We also offer sale of physical goods, so merch is something we can help you with. For physical goods, Click Here.

What can't I sell?

At the moment, we can't sell Jewelry, so our silversmith and jewelry creators, we apologise. We are working hard on making this a thing we can sell online. In the meantime we recommend other craft stores like Etsy, E bay or Craigslist. Rest assured, we are trying to work out a solution.

We want ADT Marketplace to be a sustainable store for creatives and artists to create and make money doing what they do best, create. A big thing we ask our creatives is to please sell only ORIGINAL content that you have rights to. 

For a complete list of things we cannot sell, please see this PAGE. It's got some random things on there which we know a lot of artists won't be selling, but the bank made us put it here... so yeah :/

Got anymore questions? check out our FAQ section, or drop us an email.