Need some more in-depth info about selling? Welcome to our Sell FAQs


What are some examples of products artists are selling?

There is a wide range of interest, and so far products include, but are not limited to:

  • Feature & short films;
  • Artistic company merchandize (t-shirts, buttons, bags, your typical Fringe swag);
  • Photography (landscapes, modelling, abstract, etc);
  • Music EPs or albums;
  • Recorded theatrical performances;
  • E-books and scripts;
  • Artisan clothing or accessory items;
  • Artistic tutorials;
  • Posters and other graphic design materials;
  • Indie gaming and software products
  • Video content, VJ loops and other multimedia.

Can we sell physical products as well as digital? 

Yes! For more information on selling physical goods, Click Here.

How do I list my content?

Fill out this FORM and explain your content to us. Make sure you leave your details so we can get in touch. 

Is Adult Content Ok?

adult content on adt marketplace
We do allow some types of Adult content on ADT Marketplace. Boudoir, Nude art videos and photoshoots, bodyscapes, animations, erotic books and illustrations are all ok. We don't allow pornography. For more information on Adult content, Click Here.

Listing & Financials

You say no upfront costs, but are there hidden costs?

We are all about transparency! There are costs to online sales. The sales platform we use charges 5% + $0.50USD on each sale item. ADT adds an additional $1USD sales fee to help cover hosting costs. Each of these fees will be built into your product listing price.

For example:

You want to sell your product at $10. We list product for $11USD. When it sells, the sales platform takes $1 (5% + $0.50), ADT takes $1, and the remaining $9 is returned to you, the artist.

This is for items listed on our marketplace, through our payment portal. If you are an affiliate from Gumroad or another external site where finances of your item does not pass through our portal, then your item, pricing and financials are all negotiated via an affiliation %; either through Gumroad or otherwise.

How do I price my item?

You choose the cost of each of your products, the sales parameters, and your goals for reaching audiences. We can provide guidance and suggest rates based on our knowledge, but ultimately you are in charge here.

Can I list an item for 'Free' or 'Pay As You Feel'?

Yes you can. Sometimes, a great way to increase traffic is to show what people what you got. We obviously do not charge for free items, however, we are big advocates for artists to get paid what they are worth and will strongly always encourage people to charge something for their work, even if it is 'Pay As You Feel'. 

'Pay As You Feel' is something we are able to provide, with minimum spend parameters. For example, you have a cool short film and want to set it up as pay as you feel, but you want to at least make sure people are paying something. You want to set the price at $2 minimum, we set it up on our site as $3, with an option to pay more if the client wishes. We can also set this up for free items so people can donate to your awesome content that you are giving away for nothing. We encourage it!

In the event that you have a 'Pay As You feel' item that is $0+ and someone pays $1, to stop you from losing out, we waiver the $1 add on for all $0+ cost items, and only charge the 50cents USD and 5% (payment portal fees we can't shake) . If the item is given away for free, all fees are waived. 

Can I bundle my items, create discounts etc?

Absolutely! We encourage creators to bundle deals or add discount codes, it helps with marketing. We will discuss these options with you once you wish to list an item. We can create limited codes, package options, or discount deals for buying x amount of products.

When do I get paid?

We pay out on the 11th of every month for each company and item that generates sales during this time. Depending on your financial institution and what country you're in, payment may be delayed by a few days, but if desired, we can provide you with a receipt to show it's been sent on our end.

How do I get paid?

If you are an Australian creator, we will provide payment to your bank account or PayPal, depending on what works for you. International artists we utilise PayPal only.

Will this funding model ever change?

It might! This is a pilot project, which we plan to operate for 12 months. If is not financially viable for ADT Marketplace and its parent company, After Dark Theatre, then we will have to revisit. On the other hand, if it’s wildly successful and we can alter our fee scales somewhat, that will be an option as well. It's an experiment, and we know that requires a bit of trust on your part. We promise to be 100% transparent in any future funding model decisions, including any rationale for changes if those occur, once our pilot year ends.

Is there a certain amount of time I have to have my content online for?

There is no time limit or minimum time for your content to be online. We understand that if your film or album gets signed via an agency or you land that mega distribution deal, that you may need to suspend or cancel your content. Send us an email, and let us know.

Affiliate Content

What sites do you offer to be affiliates to?

Currently, we only offer to host affiliate content from Gumroad. We will eventually look at affiliate programs from other art based sales websites in the future.

I already have a Gumroad account with my own products, can I list with you?

Yes of course you can. This is all done in your Gumroad affiliate tab. see this link on setting up a Gumroad affiliate, then get in touch! 


Can I get my customers’ emails?

So long as they’ve consented to sharing their contact information, of course! We want you to build your customer database. The information will be provided to you along with your monthly analytics in a CVS form (basic Excel).

Do you promote products via boosted posts on social media?

We can certainly coordinate that! We would ask that you cover the cost of boosting.

Can I see my sales analytics? 

Of course! We offer monthly analytic reports upon request. The reports will show content views, sales, and total money earned. We also offer a global map of referrals, and the way your content was discovered and sold.

This does not apply to affiliate items

Who does all the marketing for my products?

ADT Marketplace is happy to provide the platform for your digital sales, and we promote the endeavour as a whole, but you the artist are responsible for your personal product promotions. It's a bit like the Fringe in that way — we sell the festival, you sell your work. But, we will support you, including providing guidance on marketing approaches, evert step of the way.

My product is not selling! Help!

You are the driving force behind your own sales and marketing, but we are here to support you. Once we have your sales reports, monthly analytics, and a record of views, we can revisit your individual marketing plans together.

Some other Questions

How can I ensure my products won't be illegally downloaded from your marketplace?

We will ensure that your products are behind a paywall. If someone wants to purchase your book or rent a performance, they have to pay for it before a download key will be issued. We also have the following options for greater security:

  • An option to 'Stream only' for video content such as films and recordings of shows, meaning that they never download the actual content and can only access it for 72 hours after they have clicked to watch it.
  • The ability to PDF stamp the first page of an E-Book so we can trace illegal uploads if that happens. 
  • The ability to lock software or app products with a unique license key.

What if I have an unconventional product, like a live-streamed performance? Can I list that?

Let's chat! We don't at the moment have the ability to host live-streamed performances, but we can sell rentals of your performance and host hotlinks! If you have an idea, get in touch and let's see what we can make happen!