The Profitable Performer Branding Handbook


In this handbook, you will find information and activities to help you develop your brand so you know who you are, producers are going to want you in their show because they know you match their theme, agents/managers have a clear understanding of who you are and the message you send, and they need you as part of their offering for their clientele. You will find your niche – your unique performer identity that informs all your artistic endeavours moving forward. Let’s get started!

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The Profitable Performer Branding Handbook.

Branding is your identity – the foundation of you as an artist. There’s no point in marketing yourself as a performer if you don’t have a solid and clear understanding of who you are.

The Profitable Performer Branding Handbook is part of The Profitable Performer Program (created by Camilla Cream) to help performers develop their skills and confidence in knowing who they are as an artist and how to put themselves out into the online world!


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