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Something to dry your hands on after all that washing?


Motherfu(t tea towel. Reads:

Motherfu(t /ˈmʌðəfʌkə/


past tense: Motherfu(t; past participle: Motherfu(t

1. To experience sustained negative psychological impacts as a result of one’s relationship with one’s mother.

2. To experience sustained negative psychological impacts as a result of becoming a mother.

3. To damage or ruin (something), as a direct result of a maternal relationship.

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Motherfu(t is a comedic exploration of all the ways that we are both f*%ked up by our mothers and then f*%ked up by motherhood itself. The show shines a light on the 364 days of the year that Hallmark will not make cards about. A mix of cabaret, improvisation, game show, chat show and stand up comedy, Motherfu(t is a TEDdy Bear talk every human needs to hear. Just when you thought your own story was the worst one out there, Nicky Barry and Lucy Best share theirs with you. Drawing on childhoods that Mommy Dearest look like a Disney movie and parental experiences nobody is blogging about, Nicky and Lucy describe themselves as ‘Motherfu(t’.

A funny and fabulous exploration of feminism in relation to motherhood and maternal relationships.


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