Kissing the Doubt


You will get a filmed performance of a contemporary dance work.

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Kissing the Doubt is a contemporary dance performance choreographed by Zahra Killeen-Chance for NZ Double Bill: Dance with Aldous, Tempo Dance Festival 2019. It is performed by Ariana Hond, Sarah Knox and Ella-Rise Trew to music by Aldous Harding arranged by Emi Pogoni. Costumes made in collaboration with Amanda Smith, Rachelle Moore and AUT Textile & Design Laboratory.

Kissing the Doubt is a line from Aldous Harding’s song Heaven is Empty that serves as a title for my work in NZ Double Bill: Dance with Aldous. Aldous Harding’s music and performances are a surrealistic play of words, characterization and costuming, and my work is inspired by Harding’s capacity to defy narrative logic and create a dynamic of complex resonances.

In Kissing the Doubt a triad of women embody elemental powers. The figures form an assemblage that could be emblematic of both a holy and a profane trinity. The dancers forge pathways in accordance with their own persona

and the group persona, while the costumes connote a surreal play of geometric rigidity and organic flow.


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