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The E-Book Theatrical Script of Black Wool Jacket; the true tales from a wild nightclub coat check.

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Black Wool Jacket spins true tales from a wild nightclub coat check. Meet Nat, bookish PhD student in desperate need of a side job. When the only gig she can find is checking jackets deep in the heart of Toronto’s late-night entertainment district — far from her usual Friday nights at a library desk — Nat doesn’t expect to last long. But, behind a desk of a very different kind, Nat has front-row seats to the strangest show in town: the nightclub. Armed with an ear for eavesdropping, Nat’s nights at coat check write themselves into tales of passion, heartache, and maybe just a bit too much whiskey. From the unbelievable to the inconceivable, the hilarious to the unsavory, Black Wool Jacket retraces the stories that people share, when they think no one is listening or likely to remember in the morning.


– Best of Venue, Hamilton Fringe 2019

– “… one of the juiciest most intriguing monologues I have ever encountered… This show cannot be missed.” (Marc Gonzalez, The Road to 1,000)

– “Funny… bizarre, truly haunting… You will never look at a black wool jacket the same way again.” (Sabrina Cataldo, Regina Fringe)


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