Belle Darling Klondike Queen


An ePub or PDF file of the script, and a PDF collection of the original scores sourced for the show (all in the public domain).

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It’s 1898. A young Vaudevillian steps off the port of Skagway and sets her sights on the infamous Chilkoot Pass, a gruelling hike through Alaskan wilderness to the Dawson River, and then… gold. Unfortunately, the Canadian Mounties aren’t letting women into the Klondike, not now and not ever, so Kate pinches a pair of slacks and leaps onto a barge barrelling north! By the time they catch her, she’s already legend. But then, that’s just where the story begins.

Belle Darling Klondike Queen is an old-timey reunion cabaret, set decades after the gold rush, where the woman who was Klondike Kate sings you sourdoughs back to the good ‘ole days. But when the curtain is drawn and the footlights up, you miners might get more than you bargained for. It’s reminiscent, retrospective and revealing, a clash of Klondike fantasy and good ole’ fashioned reality, all asking the question – how did we end up here?

“… Part cabaret, part vaudeville, all heart… Sassy, classy, gutsy and irreverent…” (Life With More Cowbell)

“The story is touching, the costumes are fabulous, the songs are nostalgic… all the goods for this Sourdough Reunion to be on your must-see list!” (The Road to 1,000)

“Belle Darling Klondike Queen is an unexpected piece of theatre that we all need… It’s a play about history, strong women, and the power of nostalgia; for anyone who has felt as though they had a heyday, a period of time where they were their best selves, Belle Darling speaks loudly in your direction.” (Schmopera)

Named one of top five shows in Toronto by Schmopera (2019).


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