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What is hustle highway?

Hustle highway is our own sustainable creative initiative. If you have a cool idea for content; a book you want to write, a film you want to create, a cool innovative photoshoot or tutorial, show us your hustle. As a social enterprise, our company puts in reserve 10% of our annual earnings to go towards commissioning future artistic works from our creative partners. People submit their project concepts, along with a budget, then we take a look and see if the project is something we feel is ready for creation. If it are, then your project is selected to be an "ADT Original"; exclusive content for Artist Digital Trader Marketplace, and a proud recipient of the Hustle Highway.

Sounds Sick! So What's The Deal? How does it all work?

We give you money for a project you want to create but don't have the funds to do or need a little booster to make it feasible.

The way it works is very simple. Just like a grant application, you fill out our application form, telling us about your project that you want to create, why you are creating it and your plan to make it all happen. This is you showing us your hustle (see what we did there). Have a think about how much you need to make it all work, and justify your budget. We will hopefully be awarding multiple people this grant, so don't apply for all of it, only what you need to make your content happen. 

You can download our application form HERE. We also want to see your proposed budget to make this all happen, so we can see that you've done your research on your own project. You can download a template budget document HERE, or submit one to us in your application.

Once applications close, our team will sit down and take a look at applications, determining which ones we see as sustainable and that we are able to fund appropriately, and how many projects we can fund. If you past the first round, we will be in touch for an online video chat to discuss. If you are successful, we will be in touch to go over the next steps. 

So I Got The Grant! Yee Haw!! Now What?

If you are a recipient of the grant, first off, HELL YEAH! CONGRATULATIONS! Now you are a proud partner of the ADT Original Family. All of our "Original" content is funded through this process. This partnership means we sell your new content (when it is ready) exclusively through our payment portal and marketplace. That means not only do you get paid to create the content, but you also get the profits of the content being sold on our marketplace! Ba Boom, double whammy income for you. We also Feature it in our marketing newsletter and website. How do you like them apple?

I saw the word 'Exclusive'... does that mean I can't sell it elsewhere?

Don't worry, it doesn't mean you're not allowed to sell it anywhere else, you just have to re-direct to the sales page through our marketplace. We will provide you with hyperlinks and all the things you need to make it work.

"But why?" we hear you ask? This grant is part development, part partnership. We want you to make lots of money from your new content, so that in turn, we can use the proceeds generated from our profits from the new original content to fuel future Hustle Highway grants. We want this to be the grant that keeps on giving to the artistic community. You still get your profits from selling the content 😀

Hustle Highway Funds Raised So Far


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New Projects funded.

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Projects supported so far - The Hall of Awesomeness

Stay tuned, a list of projects we have funded will be marked on our "hall of awesomeness" soon!

Am I eligible? FAQs

How many times can I apply per round?

We only accept one application per person or organisation per round. If you have been successful in obtaining a Hustle Highway grant, you are not eligible for the following year; we need to spread the love baby x.

What content is eligible for Hustle Highway?

For Hustle Highway, only digital content is eligable. This includes:

  • E-books & Scripts
  • Video Games & Software
  • Podcasts
  • Film & Video content (including tutorials)
  • Music, EPs, Albums, Sound Designs etc.
  • Recordings of a LIVE performance
  • Online photo content, photoshoot album sets, pdf collections etc.
  • Subscriptions to Online content (i.e tutorial set, online magazine, video series etc)

How much do I get?

You can apply for up to 20% of the funds raised, up to a maximum of $10,000 USD. We cap it so we can try to help as many artists as we can to make great content.

**A little tip. If you only need a small amount to make your project work, be honest and don't inflate your budget to the 10k mark. We do cross reference costings.**

We do understand that some projects may be larger than $10,000 USD. The Hustle Highway grant initiative is designed to cover a portion of those larger projects, not be the sole funding body. So if you have a larger project, please still apply... We would love to see what mega project you have and how we can help!

What's the relationship with ADT Marketplace? 

The Artist Digital Trader Marketplace, or ADT Marketplace for short, has one mission, to see our creative family flourish. Hustle Highway allows us to give back to the arts community in a sustainable way. We don't want indies to have to rely on government bodies to create something, we wanted to create something for the artists, by the artists. So spread the word about ADT Marketplace, knowing that 10% of profits are going into that neat little funding pool.

What am I obligated to do?

If you are selected to be involved in Hustle Highway, there are a few things we require, as any other grant body would ask for. We would need the finalised product or content ready on the agreed date, a breakdown and record keeping of spending our grant and regular progress about your project so we can help hype it up for release date! If you were lucky and able to bring your project in under budget, we ask that you return un-used money so we can add it back into the pool and potentially fund another indie artist.

**If your project falls through or you are no longer able to fulfil any of the requirements in the application form, we will freeze funds released to you. 

Let Me Apply, I'm Ready Coach!

Once the first round is open, we will upload 2 documents below that you can fill out to send through to us.

Click HERE for the application form - Not Time Yet

Click HERE for the budget template - Not Time Yet

ADT Marketplace and its Hustle Highway Initiative is designed to give back to the whole artistic community.