Got some questions? Check out our FAQs

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Where are the artists who list products on the ADT Marketplace coming from? How are you reaching them?

Our artists partners are people within our entertainment network. We are hoping to reach beyond. If you know of an artist - in Australia and abroad - who would be interested in this project, send them our way! Currently our list is constantly expanding, so come back regularly and check out our fresh new content.

I want a refund. Do you or the artist sort this out?

Every seller has their own unique needs and principles when it comes to issuing refunds, therefore ADT Marketplace allows and encourages its sellers to set their own refund policies. We do work alongside with our artist partners, and if you wish to ask for a refund, please email us with the reason, the item and your receipt and let's chat.

Why do I see stuff from Gumroad? Who are those guys?

No need to panic. Gumroad is our payment portal, as such, you will see on our receipts their information, as well as ours.

I see *This product is part of our affiliate program*, What does that mean?

Some of our content creators are already users of Gumroad, Etsy, or other digital systems and have their payment portals already set up on those marketplaces. It will direct you to that other store via a popup or directly through. As we are all about sharing great content to our customers, we host their content so you are able to enjoy it as well! Not to worry, if you have an issue with we are still able to provide some assistance. If you need anything, feel free to Contact Us.

We will be constantly updating our FAQs section as more questions are asked. Stay tuned.