adult content on adt marketplace

What Adult / NSFW content can I or can't I upload?

Adult content is content that is restricted to audiences 18+. The good news is we allow certain adult content on ADT Marketplace. This can include:

  • Image sets or videos of boudir shoots with one or more people.
  • Artitic Nude photography or video
  • Erotic E-books
  • Nude illistrations or animations
  • Bodyscape/ dance/ nude performance that has been filmed
  • Tutorials or discussions about Tantra, sex industry, spiritual sexuality, sexology.
  • Nude based activities i.e nude yoga etc.
  • Arthouse films or films with sex scenes.

The only thing we cannot sell on ADT Markeplace is pornography. We define pornography as photos or video depicting one (or more) real human adults engaging in sexual activities.

Why we don't allow pornography.

For us to provide this service, we need to work with our platforms banking partners to organise payouts, offer chargebacks etc. The bad news is that the banks associate pornography and graphic adult content with high levels of risk. Theoretically, fraudulent purchases, chargebacks, "mistaken" purchases that appear on credit card statements that lead to sudden, rushed payment cancellations.

All of this said, adult-themed, adult-oriented, and NSFW (Not Safe For Work) products objectively experience higher rates of chargebacks than other digital products. They are therefore more risky to sell than other digital products. If you are selling NSFW products on the Marketplace and your account has a chargeback rate higher than 1% per volume, or we see signs of fraud on your sales, we are still required by our banking agreements to suspend your product. This has nothing to do with the content of your products - if your product is suspended for these reasons, we are simply following the directives of our banking partners. We understand this sucks.

The Catch with selling NSFW content on ADT Marketplace.

Because it is such high risk, we can't payout if your content has only made one or two sales. Adult content creators should expect to have made between 6-10 sales to a handful of customers (in other words, not 6 sales to the same fan) before their account can be properly reviewed and paid out. 

We know this sucks, but we do want your content and would love to have you sell through our portal; we just need to be safe for the entire platform. It's not us, it's the bank :/ 

adult content on adt marketplace
adult content on the marketplace

If you are still unsure about this and want to talk to someone, feel free to

or alternatively, check out our other resources: Selling with us or the No-No List