Why We Created ADT Marketplace.

After Dark Theatre is a live production house, that during the Covid crisis, has bore witness to a number of like-minded independent creative companies and sole traders being unable to continue to generate an income during this unfortunate phase of history. This left the team at After Dark thinking; how can we enable indie artists like us, a way to continue to generate a form of income? We need to create a place where the visual artist can commission their work, the indie gaming company can sell their game, the performing artist can sell live recordings of shows and photos of their production, the musician can sell their album. This is why we have created the Artist Digital Trader Marketplace, or ADT marketplace. It is a place where all forms of independent creatives can buy and sell their videos, photos, graphic designs, software and music.

image of ADT artists working on a film set

What Is The Artist Digital Trader Marketplace To Artists?

ADT marketplace is looking to create an online store front that allows indie artists a place to sell their wares without any upfront costs or charges. Think of it as a shelf in a virtual store, dedicated to indie artists that create amazing content. For many artists, simple things like having a website, e-commerce, PayPal / Square Space and SSL certificates are a lot to work with, especially if they only have a few things to sell. We want to take that burden away from them, as well as offer a marketplace for customers to see their work, which they may not have had the opportunity to see.

As an artist, we want you to focus on your creative vision, your art, your design. Leave the selling and hosting to us. Our plan: be the indie Netflix that offers more than just a streaming service, and make you, the artist, our creative partner.

ADT marketplace artists performing live in a warehouse

What is ADT Marketplace to Me, the Customer or Buyer?

Finding new and original content means looking around at a bunch of different websites. YouTube, Bandcamp, Etsy Soundcloud, Only Fans, Patreon... the list goes on. Well wouldn't it be awesome if you could browse a wide range of artistic content all in the one place? Well, enter ADT Marketplace; a place for the independent arts. We want to create a digital marketplace where you can check out fresh tutorials, cool feature films, exclusive content, photosets from photoshoots and amazing live recordings of that great circus show you couldn't see because they were touring in Europe and you're in America. This is the Fringe underground for arts, and now, you have it all in one place to check it out.

This is all sounding very good

What We want to achieve with ADT Marketplace.

We want to make this a viable, go-to network for artists to sell their products, both during this time of social distancing and beyond.

At the moment, this is a pilot project with potential for future growth, but this is what we are currently looking towards as future goals:

1. Artist Growth: We are in this for the artists. We want to connect with as many of you as possible, helping you find markets for your creative projects.

2. Follower growth: We want to help you find, develop, and nurture new audiences and followers, bringing your work to people who may not have had the opportunity to encounter you before. 

3. Network growth: We want to have an ADT Marketplace presence at some of Australia's largest festivals, like the Adelaide Fringe and Melbourne Comedy Festival.

4. Financial Growth: We want this digital marketplace to help you create a passive, supplemental income while live performance arts are on hold and beyond. We are also committed to paying this forward to the artistic community. At the end of every financial year, ADT will contribute 10% of its earnings from this project to a series of independent arts-based grants - which is especially important, we feel, in a time when governments around the world are cutting back on funding. The more we make on this project, the more opportunities we will create for artists going forward. This is part of our new initiative, the HUSTLE HIGHWAY.

adt marketplace dj making an online album